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Voice Standard

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Nationwide calling and up to 3 devices connected to a single extension to allow for Unified Communications. Includes access to mobile app, desk phone(s) and web-phones. Usage allotment is multiplied by number of extensions. For higher usage extensions, the Call Center plan is required.
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Key Features:
  • Nationwide calling feature
  • Allows connection of up to 3 devices to a single extension
  • Supports Unified Communications
  • Access to a mobile app
  • Includes desk phone support
  • Web-phone support available
  • Usage allotment expands as per the number of extensions
  • Flexible usage depending on extension size
  • Ideal for higher usage extensions
  • Requires Call Center plan for high usage extensions



Introducing Voice Standard

Embrace the ease of nationwide calling with Voice Standard. This revolutionary tool allows up to three devices to connect to a single extension, providing seamless Unified Communications.

Not Just Limited to Desktops

But that's not all, it also brings with it the flexibility of accessing your communication platform not just on your desktop phone(s) but also via a mobile app and web-phones. This ensures you are connected at all times, regardless of location or device.

Your Usage Multiplier

Your usage allotment with Voice Standard gets multiplied by the number of extensions. Essentially, the more extensions you have, the more you benefit!

Need More?

For those in need of higher usage extensions, fret not. Our Call Center plan caters to high usage needs, ensuring you never have to worry about going over your usage limit.

A World of Seamless Connection

A world of seamless communication awaits with Voice Standard. Jump on board and experience the ultimate in unified communication.

Additional Information:
Voice Standard Type Nationwide calling
Number of Devices Connectable Up to 3 devices
Extension Single
Feature Allows Unified Communications
Access Web-phones
Device Desk phone(s)
Usage Allotment Multiplication by number of extensions
Requirement for Higher Usage Call Center Plan required
Communication Type Unified
Access Method Mobile App, Desk Phone, Web-Phones
Call Function Nationwide
Mobility Accessible on multiple devices
Device Compatibility Multiple types
Phone Type Desk and Web Phone Access
Extra Feature Unified Communication Features
Plan Requirement Call Center for higher usage
Device Limit 3 devices connected simultaneously
Plan Type Standard