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Desktop Management Setup

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Onetime fee to setup desktop on our management service.
We will review existing setup, remove any old/unneeded applications, tools or antivirus as well as install our management tools and antivirus. We will also review the hardware and software for any...
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Key Features:
  • One-time fee for easier financial planning
  • Conducts a thorough review of existing setup to ensure optimal efficiency
  • Ability to remove old/unneeded applications, making your desktop clutter-free
  • Offers the removal of unnecessary tools to streamline your working process
  • Provides anti-virus removal to ensure your desktop remains protected against threats
  • Incorporates new management tools for improved functionality
  • Installation of our management tools to facilitate a smoother operation
  • A comprehensive review of your hardware to verify its compatibility with your requirements
  • Expert analysis of software to ensure it meets your needs
  • Offers flexibility with the potential for customization...



Desktop Management Setup

Welcome to the ultimate solution for managing your desktop environment - Desktop Management Setup. This unique service comes with a one-time fee that covers the complete setup of a desktop on our management service.

Extensive Review of Existing Setup

Our team of experts will conduct a thorough review of your current setup. Any outdated, unused, or unnecessary applications or tools will be identified and removed. This ensures an optimized, clutter-free desktop environment.

Installation of Management Tools and Antivirus

It also includes the installation of our proprietary management tools and antivirus software. These additions not only protect your system from potential threats but also enhance the overall performance and efficiency.

Comprehensive Hardware and Software Review

As part of the Desktop Management Setup, we also conduct a detailed review of your hardware and software. This allows us to understand the specific needs of your system and adjust our setup accordingly.

Boost Your Productivity with Desktop Management Setup

In conclusion, it is more than just a service. It's a worthy investment towards improving the productivity and lifespan of your system. Say goodbye to unoptimized systems and embrace seamless desktop management with our Desktop Management Setup.

Additional Information:
Installation Service Fee One-time fee
Existing Setup Review Yes
Removal of Unwanted Applications Yes
Installation of Management Tools Yes
Antivirus Installation Yes
Hardware Review Yes
Software Review Yes
Operating System Configuration Included
Network Configuration Included
Security Setup Included
Disk Cleanup Included
System Performance Optimization Included
Regular System Updates Provided
Remote Access Setup Provided
User Account Management Provided
Printer Setup Can be included
Email Setup Can be included
Backup and Recovery Solutions Available
On-going Desktop Support Available
Warranty On all installations and setups